Purge – Manage who you follow

Your friends say alot about you

Purge helps you cleanup who you follow.

What is Purge?

Purge is an easy and fun way to unfollow people on Twitter. Simply swipe left to unfollow the user or swipe right to continue following them. Purge tells you whether or not the user follows you back and also shows when they last tweeted. Don’t feel like going through all of the people you follow at once? Purge will save your progress so you can pickup where you left off.

Why Purge?

The people you follow makeup a large part of your digital footprint. By following someone, you’re opting in to receive that person’s tweets, photos, and videos. Purge helps you easily unfollow inappropriate or inactive accounts. By using Purge, you will no longer be considered “guilty by association” because of the stupid stuff your friends say on social media.